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Hi, guys This is my simblr, you will find a lot of interesting Sim-related pictures on this blog. I promise to love all of my followers and i'll always answer all your questions to the best of my ability.
FUN FACT: I've been playing The Sims for almost 10 years.


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This hair tho. gaufksljfls;dfhalsk

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The girl with the alabaster skin

and hair as dark as midnight.

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Made something pretty cool I think. I’ll post a picture of it soon

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So I’m trying to make this beautiful Samoan mofo, Roman Reigns but I seriously… HIS FREAKIN’ SKINTONE ARGH I am really, really bad at matching skintones


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Anonymous said: Where was your girly theme house? I can't find it help!!

I dont understand. what house are you talking about? I’ve never put houses up for download


My newest poses. For download.. This theme is different, I thought I won’t be interested in this kind of poses, but I’m beginning to like them :D

  • Posepack download..→ here
  • Poselist download..→here

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Hiya, so it has been some time since my last eyeshadow.

This is the 11th (i did not counted all the other ones i refused after i tested them) so far lol XD

ΞEyeshadow 11 - DITW

-3 rec. Channels
-HQ 2048x2048 texture

Download here 

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Pose Pack no. 20 by Blakc!

*List compatible*


Visit Blakc’s Pose Place

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